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The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to challenge and equip men to walk with God in strength and sincerity. We believe that understanding and living out God’s word is the source of the transformation that we need as men. The Men’s Ministry also provides the men with a sense of belonging to a ministry, and strengthens their faith through relationships and the fellowship of other men.

Mission Statement
The Men’s Ministry exists to Develop Men who Show up, Start Up, Stand up and Step up through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Men’s Ministry is to empower men to be spiritual leaders in the home, church, community and workplace.

Men of Valor

The Men of Valor is an extension of the Men’s Ministry. It represents a team of men that have made a commitment to God and to building meaningful connections, honest and long-lasting relationships. We hold each other accountable and believe in the vision of Hope Cathedral.

Core Team

The Core Team is a group of men entrusted to set the agenda and the strategic path for the ministry. The team provides leadership and support to all members of the ministry.


SHOW UP (Connecting):

Intentionally connect with other men on a unified journey
START UP (Growing):

Learn how to live and enjoy a moral and faithful life
STAND UP (Serving):

Standing strong in biblical truths

Lead as a Godly man with purpose and conviction


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