21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

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All Grace to You!

As we begin “Victory, 2020!”, my prayer is that you will join Hope Cathedral for 21 Days of Praying and Fasting!  We begin Sunday, January 5 through the 25th, and I believe our corporate pursuit of God will harness, not just victory in our individual lives, but in our church as well!

Twice per year we set aside time to seek God with real intentionality, and it is that time again!  Join us Monday – Friday at 7:30pm and on Saturday mornings at 7:00am, on campus, to pray as a church.  In addition, you may reference the attached devotional for your personal prayer time.  While we pray, we will also, “Fast.”  To fast means that we will go without preferred foods.  Now, typically, that would mean eating fruits, vegetables and legumes; that is a, “Daniel Fast”, but you can decide what you will fast, and how.  The devotional will have more information, or you may look online.

Regardless of what/how you fast, let’s consider our reasons for fasting:  First, we fast because Jesus said that His disciples will fast (Matthew 9:14-15); and, we are followers of Jesus, that is, we are disciples.  The second reason is, Jesus infers that fasting is still relevant to the New Testament believer (Matthew 23:23); another reason, He tells us the proper way to fast in Matthew 6:16-18, saying that our motives should be right.  But Jesus also said fasting is necessary for results, at times, when we pray (Matthew 17:21); finally, we fast because God responds to sacrifice.  And, we can look at various examples from the Old Testament (Esther, Jeshoshaphat and Daniel, for example) to the New Testament of (Paul, Barnabus and Cornelius) of people who sacrificed for God, and He honored each one. 

So, fasting and praying is a real and relevant discipline that yields results if we our motives are pure.  So, I invite and encourage you to mentally prepare now to fast and pray with us! We start this Sunday!  Let’s get closer to our Father during these 21 Days and experience promised victory together!

God is faithful who has promised and our confidence is in Him, Amen!?


Pastor Qwynn