The Gauge



Prayer for the Nation and the World Love’s Reward Our Works Matter At The Movies The Right Mission Faith Works We are the Church Casting Call Each One Reach One Love Leads to Change When You Worship Engaging the Spirit of Humility Getting God’s Attention Body Detox Different Perspective in Persecution Live Again Choose Joy in Jesus Walk Through Resurrection is Real Breathe Again Your Nativity Scene The Supernatural Advantage Inviting God’s Spirit Developing Faith Change is Inevitable The Fear of Stretching My Method is a Weapon Keep Faith Working A Truth that Ignites Miracles The Greatest Investment Gratitude Replenishing Your Spirit God Won’t Put More on You Perseverance: Godly Grit, Don’t Quit Dominating Doubt A New Me When We Remember Difference Maker Slaying Idols Get the Tense Right Let The Word Do The Work Generational Blessings I am the Way Faith Works Mutual Focus Let The Light Shine Start Today Living on Another Level New, thru and thru Recognize the Future I am Free A Mother’s Wisdom Will You Live Like Him? Love Leadership Each One, Reach One God’s Peace Until Manifestation Christmas Unwrapped Radical Freedom Let the Wind Blow Questions Part 1 The Lord is With You Drink Again Praising God in the Battle Preparing for Harvest The Secret Weapon On Guard Adopted Complete Victory and New Beginnings Believe A Perfect Christmas Eve Receive the Gift Moving Forward The Story of Love What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do Our Debt-Free Journey Pray First Multiplication The Principles of Multiplication One Blood The Cross the Final Word Open Doors The Internal Fruit Leaving a Lasting Legacy Invite him Invitation to a Blessing The Help I Need Choose to Believe The Father’s Heart How Did We Get the Bible Kingdom Ambassadors Tried and True United Passion Victory in Grieving Think Big Better and Brighter Basics of Forgiveness Never Alone Called to Serve How to Make Faith Work, Part 2 The Love of God God’s Manifesto He is Life From the Heart Prayer that Gets Results Winning in Spiritual Warfare How to Be a Leader Excelling in God