Frame Your World

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This book is a compilation of prayers and declarations that you can say concerning various issues in your life. Many people wonder, “How can I prayer prayers that God will hear and answer?” This book gives them to you. It contains the prayers and the Scripture references needed to construct your own prayer.  Make your fellowship with God more meaningful by interacting with Him based on what He promised.  When you do, you’re sure to see a difference in your life!

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Prayers & Professions is a topical guide that you can use, no matter who you are or what you face, to express the sentiment of your heart to your Heavenly Father.  Anyone can pray but not everyone knows how to pray effectively.  Pastor Qwynn offers prayer, based on Scripture, which will ensure that you’re not just heard but you are answered.

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2 reviews for Frame Your World

  1. Janet

    It also makes a wonderful gift! I sent to as a Christmas gift to my friend in Wisconsin and she really liked it, especially the prayer for elderly parents.

  2. Pat Jackson

    This book is a must have. I use it all the time to pray for all types of situations. As I read the prayers out loud, I know my situation is already changing because I am speaking God’s words. I also use it to pray for others. This book is amazing and also makes a great gift.

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