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2023 Word


2023 Word from the Lord

Who told you that you couldn’t expect the best from Me? Did I not say that if you suffered with me, you’d reign with Me? You’ve suffered. You’ve fought. You’ve stood firm! Now, it reigning time. From the beginning, I gave you dominion over every THING I put in creation. Your challenges, your patience, the price you’ve paid were precursors to my Glory being shown in your midst; for that is the true measure of my blessing. 

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Your faithfulness has prepared you for perpetual dominion.  I wouldn’t give you my promise without the power to back it up. I wouldn’t put the dream in your heart without the pathway to fulfill it. I’m not cruel. 

You access your dominion by getting back to Me. Am I asking for more? Yes, because you want more! More of me gets more of my glory. It’s my glory which makes all demonic meddling cease so deliverance manifests, destiny magnifies and dominion returns. So, dominate your time; dominate all your resources; and dominate your destiny! I will be with you.” Says the Lord. 


Dominion Declaration

Father, I receive 2023 as our Year of Dominion in every area of our lives! I surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord and no longer live for myself but for Christ, who died and rose again for me. I choose to authentically walk in love and think of others better than myself. I serve with humility in agreement with other partners and do my part to maintain every spiritual blessing in our fellowship. 

Today, I have dominion because I am surrendered completely to Jesus. I walk in delegated authority as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and I exercise dominion because whatever I allow, heaven allows, and, whatever I disallow, Heaven disallows. I push back the forces of darkness that wreak havoc. I call peace and order to my life. I command the four winds to release people into Hope Cathedral. I invite the glory of God into every area of my life, and I receive the favor that lasts a lifetime. 

I seek Your Glory because that’s where Your power dwells. I anticipate Your presence as I set aside time for You each morning. My ears are attuned to Your voice and the voice of a stranger I will not follow. I am a carrier of the supernatural, and I expect to see miracles, signs, and wonders. 

I have dominion in my productivity as I dedicate each day to you and work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. I see your glory in my finances as I honor You as a good manager of all you’ve given me. I am debt free and living in surplus. Your Glory invades my family by strengthening weak bonds and drawing us closer together. My body conforms to Your Word as I treat it as a temple.  No more failure!  No more stagnation!  No delay!  No fear! And, no excuses shall constrict, restrict or bind me again, because I am Yours, and You are mine, in Jesus’ Name.