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Daily Prayer

Father, I boldly declare that this is the year that I will accomplish Your priorities in my life, my family, and my church through radical faith. I set my heart to trust You in every situation and circumstance because You are faithful and You remain the same yesterday, today and forever. Your Kingdom has no end; therefore, I will depend upon Your Word and yield to the leading of Your Spirit today. I resist every temptation to doubt and I cancel its assignment from my life. You said, “All things are possible to those who believe”, and so I declare, I believe You, Lord!

I believe that You have a purpose for my life and so, I receive the future and hope that You have designated for me. And, I set big goals and dreams before You as I share the Good News of Your Kingdom. You promised that if I seek You and Your Kingdom first, that all things would be added to me; so no longer do I lean on my own understanding but I acknowledge You and rest in Your power, Your authority and in Your love towards me. I trust You to direct my path and lead me to an expected end.

You are the God that opens Your hand to satisfy every living thing; therefore, I believe that You will not only satisfy me in a famine, but as I praise You, the earth will yield of her increase to me! I’ve been redeemed from every curse of the law! Therefore, I declare that I owe no man anything except to love him, and that I am freed from every creditor, like a gazelle. Thank You Father for all sufficiency in all things so that I may daily abound to every good work. I act decisively on Your Word by faith and release supernatural increase and favor towards me, in Jesus’ Name. I live in the commanded blessing. I’m sensitive to the leading and I will not be a borrower, and I walk with the compassion of Christ towards those around me.

My heart overflows with love because the Kingdom of God has come near me. I am transformed in my thinking. Therefore, I welcome the Spirit of wisdom and understanding into my life, and I declare signs and wonders follow me because I believe. I call my God-given gifts stirred and my God-given creative potential maximized. I lay aside every sin and weight in my life, and I set my expectation for the supernatural power of God to manifest through me so that I effectively share Christ with others, demonstrate acts of kindness and live above the world’s system.

I affirm my Blood covenant and thank You Lord for making me victorious in every situation and in every area of life. I acknowledge the authority that You have given me and I exercise it over every satanic interference in my life. I call every plot, opposition and attack against me—whether spiritual, relational, financial or emotional—cancelled through the Blood of Jesus. No weapon formed against me, my family or my church will succeed. I call forward a seven fold return for everything that was lost or stolen in my life and from my family. Father, You said that the Kingdom of God suffers violence and that the violent take it by force; therefore, I walk in radical faith without apology and receive every spiritual and natural blessing made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, in Jesus’ name! Hallelujah!!

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