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Creative Production Process

Video Projects require a minimum of 4 weeks production time.
Digital Projects require a minimum of 2 weeks production time.
Print Projects require a minimum of 3 weeks production time.
Review Projects require a minimum of 1 week production time.
Other Projects – Please consult with the Creative Production Manager assuming a 4 week minimum
production time.

Video Projects require location set-up, recording, lighting, audio and extensive editing. These projects are most intensive and need additional time to ensure excellence. Examples are testimony and promotional videos.

Digital Projects are mainly for online or visual presentation with no printed component. These take time to work through the design and review stage before a final product can be completed. Examples are logos, graphics for projectors, conference promotion etc.

Print Projects are similar to Digital Projects, except there is a print component and time is required for the printing process. Examples are brochures, signs, tickets, and other promotional material.

Review Projects are projects that were completed by someone outside of the Creative Arts area and must be reviewed. They cannot be used without Creative Arts approval. There is not a guarantee that these projects will be approved, so these types of projects are discouraged. Examples are videos from another site.

Other Projects are any other creative project not previously defined. Contact the Creative Production Manager to discuss these projects.

Please pay close attention to the production deadlines before completing the form.

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