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21 Days of Power

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Grace and Peace to you!
Each August, Hope Cathedral begins a period of fasting and praying for 21 Days.  We do this because Jesus said that His disciples will fast (Matthew 9:14-15); He infers that fasting is still relevant to the New Testament believer (Matthew 23:23); He tells us the proper way to fast (Matthew 6:16-18); He said fasting is necessary for results at times when we pray (Matthew 17:21); and, because through fasting and praying God responds with power to the desperate needs of His people.
And let’s face it, we are living in desperate times! With the political, social, and economical climate in America; the idolatry, apathy and compromise within the church and the relational, financial and core needs within life personally, we all need to experience the power of God at work, and I believe we can. So, we’re calling this years’ time of prayer, “21 Days of Power!”, and I want you to participate!
If Esther could fast and pray and God spare her people as a nation; if Moses could fast and pray and hear the voice of God with clarity; if Ezra could fast and pray then get answers; if Nehemiah could fast and pray and get favor from man and find promotion; if the city of Nineveh could fast and pray and avert impending doom; if Daniel could fast and pray and get direction—I believe we too, can fast and pray and see His power at work in our life, in our church and in this great nation!
So, prepare yourself now. From August 4-24, we’ll pray at 5am using a teleconference call.  Just call in (605 313 5443; Code:  735007) and one of our leaders will pray for us.  A Prayer Guide will also be made available to you, electronically.  Print it and use it as a daily devotional!  Each evening, from Sun-Fri we’ll gather in the FLC on campus at 7:30pm to pray.  Commit to come at least three nights out of your week. And then on August 16th, we’re going to pray all night like Jesus did, according to Luke 6:12.  Let’s break our routines and pursue God.  Let’s do something differently because we want to see a difference.  Let’s humble ourselves before God and get His attention like never before.  Let’s earnestly pray.
I have already set my expectation for revival, refreshing, miracles, reversals, promotions, favor and breakthrough’s in our midst!  And, I couldn’t be more excited!  I know God is faithful and He’s made a promise that if we search for Him with all of our heart, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13) and, if we call on Him, He will answer (Psalm 91:15).  
So, we’re taking Him at His Word and praying with power together for 21 Days; and I do not want you to miss it!   So, PLAN NOW!!
Pastor Qwynn